Mrs. Muhammad’s Guide for How Your Math Paper Should Look

  1. First Name, Last Name
  2. Date
  3. Section, Pg. Number, Problems Assigned
  • Write the original problem
  • Show all your thinking as you work through the problem
  • Insert at least on blank line between problems
  • Leave room beside or below each problem for corrections
  • Work should be done in pencil (not required, but recommended)
  • If submitted to me, all straggly edges from notebooks must be cut off prior to submission.

 Students in Honors Geometry and Algebra 1 WILL NOT HAVE HOMEWORK PASSES!!

However,  Math 78Plus and Introduction to Algebra students  will be allotted 4 homework passes for the 2011-2012 School Year.  If the passes are Lost or Stolen, they will not be replaced or honored.  Pass must be present and completely filled out in order to receive credit.

Homework will be assigned daily and usually corrected/reviewed the next day.  Students should correct all possible problems using textbook or hotmath.com prior to class.  Students must TRY all problems to receive full credit.  All homework should be kept in students’ math Notebook or Binder. 

Late assignments will not be accepted unless you are absent or you submit your assignment within one week of the due date with a Homework Pass.

  • Homework will continue to be graded based on completion. 
  • All problems must be attempted in order to receive credit. 
  • I will no longer supply students with the solutions to all homework problems prior to submission. 
  • Homework assignments will be posted on my blog:  kmuhammad.wordpress.com.
  • Missing homework assignments will be accepted with a HOMEWORK PASS ONLY.
  • Students and parents can check student’s progress by utilizing Powerschool Online Gradebook.
For a homework assignment, you will earn a…  
3 Attempted ALL Problems, showed ALL Work
1.5 Did not show Work for ALL problems or did not complete some problems
0 Not submitted, tried less than half of the problems, turned the assignment in late (without being absent or without a Homework Pass).

**If you are not able to complete your homework due to an unexpected situation or emergency; a parent/guardian initials on your homework will excuse you from point penalty.  Even if you cannot finish just a few, please have those initials/signature!  ( A note or e-mail will work too!)


 Students may also get additional homework support/solutions by using our Homework Help Online. 

1.  Go to hotmath.com

2.       Enter password:  cobras2011

3.       Once you log in, select your textbook

4.       Select the page in your textbook and ALL the odd numbered problems  will be there for you to select from; they will   show  you step-by-step how to work the problem. 


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